Separating your family can be a difficult decision, but a necessary one to make your way to happy and stable life. Our firm is equipped to handle your legal representation in the family matters you may be facing. We work with our clients to ensure they can move on smoothly with their lives.

We offer family law services in the following areas:

Uncontested Marital Dissolution

Child Custody

Child Support


Marital Property Agreements

Family Law Attorney
A contested divorce is a case where the spouses do not agree to the filing of the divorce, the division of property, or the custody of the children. An uncontested divorce is a case where the spouses are in agreement to the divorce, including the division of property and/or the custody of the children.
Generally, you will be able to file for divorce in Texas if you or your spouse has lived in Texas or the children of the marriage live in Texas.
-Intake Worksheets: Children (Download here) or No Children (Download here) -Recent Tax Returns -Income of both spouse -A list of property bought before and during the marriage
Our office provides legal services for child custody, adoptions, and child support. Once you have scheduled an appointment with our office, please complete the appropriate worksheet below: Adoption Child Custody Child Support