Estate planning is the process of appointing persons who will have authority to act as your agent in the event that you are incapable and how your property will be distributed after death. Proper estate planning with legal counsel is essential to ensuring your wishes are fulfilled and your loved ones are not faced with hard decisions in a time of loss.

For a complete estate planning package, our firm advises all clients to complete a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, and a Directive to Physicians.

My Last Will and Testament


A will is beneficial for everyone. Texas law provides a procedure for deciding how your property will be distributed. A will allows for you to decide how you want your property distributed. This is especially important if you are a part of a blended family and want to leave property to stepchildren or close friends.
Many times legal remedies are necessary to create clear title to property and to take care of the financial/property affairs of the deceased. It is best to set a meeting with a lawyer to discuss how property is passed when a person dies.
A general power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to designate a person as your agent. Your agent is authorized to sign documents concerning your affairs, for you. A durable power of attorney allows for your agent to continue to act for you, even in the event you become incapacitated.
A medical power of attorney is a specific power of attorney that allows your designated agent to speak with your doctor concerning your health matters and make healthcare decisions.
A physician's directive is a legal document which allows your designated agent to make decisions concerning your medical care, specifically when you are not able to communicate to your doctor your wishes of whether you would like to be maintained or kept alive by artificial means.
-Intake Worksheet: Will (Download here), Power of Attorney (Download here), Medical Power of Attorney (Download here) -Any existing will or power of attorney
When you employ our law firm to complete your estate planning, the following services are included in out flat fee rate: ● Initial Consultation to discuss your wishes. ● Review of your property ownership and analysis of Texas succession law ● Creation of estate planning documents in accordance to Texas law for validity ● Review and full explanation of each provision of your estate planning documents ● Notary services and the availability of witnesses for execution
Our firm fulfills simple estate planning for flat fee rates per each document. If your estate planning needs are more complex - i.e. multiple gifts to multiple beneficiaries, creation of trust language - our firm will bill a base fee plus an hourly rate.
It is best to speak with your banking institution and your tax consultant, in addition to an attorney, regarding your estate plan. Bank accounts, life insurance, and other benefits often pass outside of the estate by allowing you to name a beneficiary. If you have named a beneficiary for your assets, an estate plan created by an attorney may not cover that asset.
Life is all about change. Our firm is here to help when modifications need to be made.
The Bexar County courthouse no longer allows the filing of Wills. The courthouse does, however, provide safekeeping for Wills for a small fee. If you are interested in safekeeping for your Last Will and Testament, you can contact the Bexar County Courthouse.